Roshe One Canada

Roshe One Canada

Roshe One Canada

"Those log in credentials are then used to transfer money immediately out of the account or those credentials are used create a new log in account which is then used to transfer money out of the account," said FBI Special Nike Roshe Flyknit Wolf Grey

The hackers use computer viruses to steal their victims' online banking credentials.

updated. They can also make sure that they have firewalls on their network and they are properly installed and working."

According to the FBI, the cyber scammers are so sophisticated that they've devised a way to use thousands of infected computers to bombard a bank with e mail and inquiries. They use the confusion as cover while they drain the money from an account at the bank.

Roshe One Canada

"What they do is they learn as much as they can about the person who works there and they send them an e mail that person would be likely to open," said Green. "It's not your typical spam e mail. Within that e mail is either a malware program, an attachment, so when they click on to the e mail, they read it, they download the attachment which they think is a legitimate attachment or there's a link to a website. When they go to a website, then malware, a bad program, is downloaded to their computer."

It's called "spear phishing" because the hacker picks out a specific target inside the company.

Gulf Coast Bank President Guy Williams said defending against these types of attacks is a cat and mouse game against formidable foes.

"All those people who used to work for the KGB are now hackers," said Williams. "Now their target is financial institutions and companies anywhere in the western world. Their objective is simply to steal money."

"I think it's pretty insidious for the simple fact that it's bypassing all the anti virus software that's out there right now," said Nicholson. "It's very advanced in nature. It's very difficult to detect."

NEW ORLEANS According to the FBI, organized "cyber gangs" from eastern Europe are raiding the bank accounts of small to medium size businesses using an "Automated Clearing House" scam.

Roshe One Canada

"We've seen the cyber attacks, but our security has worked and we've been able to fend them off, but it's something that goes on 24 hours a day, around the world," said Williams.

Roshe One Canada

´╗┐Hackers breaking into bank accounts of small

"If you're going to do that online banking channel, it best to do that on a different PC than you would use for normal internet traffic," said Nicholson.

The bankers say customers should take some simple precautions.

Williams says the hackers have already tried to attack his bank.

virus program, but that the definitions on that program are Nike Roshe Black Gold

Green said Louisiana companies have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to the scam. Nationally, the hackers have hit businesses to the tune of about $100 million in attempted losses.

Roshe One Canada

Agent Kristy Green.

Roshe One Canada

Roshe One Canada

Agent Green also has some good advise.

"What people can do is they can make sure that whatever Roshe One Canada software they are using on their computers is patched with the latest patches that come out with the developer," said Green. "The other things that they can do is make sure that not only do they have a Nike Roshe One Hyperfuse Br Black

"They will bombard it with traffic so that it can't handle the traffic, then it shuts down," said Green. "While the bank or third party are trying to work on that, trying to fix that problem, then they're able to transfer out some of the money, whereas otherwise it would be stopped."

"Look at you account everyday," said Williams. "We have online systems. If you watch your account you can see these transactions occurring. You have up to 48 hours to send the transactions back, you just need to pay attention."

Roshe One Canada

Roshe One Canada

Whitney Bank IT Security Manager Josh Nicholson said hackers know the weak link in online banking is customer's PCs.

Roshe One Canada

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